The project is a complete re-imagining of an existing end of terrace, 2-storey house in a small, historical market town.

The main high street terrace frontage of the property has been retained and carefully repaired. As you enter the house you are presented with a long, clear vista down the full length of the property as well as views up through the newly formed 2-storey void space exposing the full volume of the house.

Extensive roof glazing has been inserted into the vaulted ceiling under the existing slate terrace pitched roof above the 1st floor to bring natural daylight into the heart of the dwelling. This is enhanced by the glass staircase that stands within the void.

The property is open plan on both floors. On the ground floor the enclosed WC / Utility ‘pod’ divides the main space creating a warmer, more enclosed snug Sitting Room to the front. The rear of the extended main house, in contrast, is an open Kitchen / Dining / Living space. A rear elevation of glazed sliding folding screens, across the entire width of the narrow plot, can be fully opened to allow a seamless transition into the garden terrace beyond. This important space for the clients is treated like an external room blurring the borders of inside and outside. The ambiguity between, and transition from, enclosed internal and fully external spaces is enhanced by the large sliding rooflight in the single-storey flat roof over the Dining area. The clients can live, dine and entertain in a variety of spaces of variable, and controllable openness.

Punctuating the end of the plot, beyond the garden terrace, is the new 2-storey Coach House containing a Study / Studio and Guest Bedroom above. This acts as a counterpoint to the existing Main House echoeing it in colour, material and form, making the garden terrace into a more enclosed private courtyard.